Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

even if we faded...

We knew we'd never survive to see another day,
We knew our time was slowly disappearing.
Decaying, evaporating, slowly dying out,
Even if we faded, our hearts would stay.

There's no difficulty opening our eyes,
But would we really like what we see?
A chill of death and a sense of treachery loom,
Even if we faded, you and I would still be.

Our friends are now those hunting us,
Night and day, without a moments rest.
Terror and gunshots echoing through the night,
Even if we faded, you'd still live in my chest.

This is not the life we had once visioned,
Running in fear, living in a wasteland of dreams.
Tears falling, hearts struggling, lives fading,
Even if we faded

Even if we faded, our lives will remain entwined.
Even if we faded, our light will forever show.
Even if we faded, our love will remain,
Even if we faded, I'd never let go.

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