Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

best i ever had

 today i feel like writing in english. i wrote like....almost everything in english today - my notes i took during my school lesson, messages, letters and so on - in english. i don't know why but it's kinda funny. my day was pretty good. school wasn't that hard and i was free in the afternoon - but i didn't felt like doing anything. i just hang around with my lovely ipod and listened to some new songs. surpisingly i don't have any school stuff do to for tomorrow. well....there's an german writing test on friday but i don't care lol
blabla. oh, i almost forgot to introduce you this little ugly thing on this lovely picture above!  this is my very best friend S. she's amazing and she makes me smile all day long (she forced me to write this - actually she's a stupid, ugly little fucker! XD jk)
well.....i guess....that's it. have a nice day guys.
(bad english i know but i don't care.)

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