Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

I want something that lasts forever, so kiss me on this cold december night!

Stockings are hung with care, as children sleep with one eye openWell now there's more than toys at stake cos I'm older now, but not done hoping

The twinkling of the lights, as scented candles fill the householdOld Saint Nick has taken flight with a heart on board, so please be careful

Each year I ask for many different things, but now I know what my heart wants you to bring

So please just fall in love with me, this ChristmasThere's nothing else that I will need, this ChristmasWon't be wrapped under a tree, I want something that lasts forever, so kiss me on this cold December night

A cheer that smells of pine, a house that's filled with joy and laughterThe mistletoe says stand in line, loneliness is what I captureOh that this evening can be a holy nightLet's cosy on up by the fireplace and dim those Christmas lights

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